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GB Lifts - Lift Sales & Installation Hunter & Newcastle Region

The GBE Group supply, install and maintain Residential, Commercial, Disability, Stair & Goods Lifts in the Hunter region of NSW and the Central Coast.

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About GBE Group

Our mission is to provide Electrical Excellence.

GBE Group commercial residential goods stair disability lifts newcastle

Our Mission

GBE Group stands at the forefront of residential, commercial, disability, stair and goods lift solutions, offering a wide selection of high-quality equipment meticulously designed for reliability, ensuring durability, and optimal performance.

Why GBE Group?

The GBE Group has 30 years of industry experience and is an accredited Lift Equipment Integrator. Partnering with leading manufacturers, we leverage with the best in equipment. With a passion for design and problem solving, we ensure a commitment to making a difference and helping clients achieve their goals.

Gold Master Electrician

lift  SOlutions

GB Lift Installation & Maintenance Services

Residential Lifts

Enhance accessibility and convenience in your home with our stylish and reliable residential lift solutions tailored to your needs.

Commercial Lifts

Ensure smooth vertical transportation for employees and customers alike with our robust and efficient commercial lift installations.

Disability Lifts

Empower individuals with mobility challenges to navigate spaces independently with disability lift systems designed for accessibility.


Stair Lifts

Transform staircases into accessible pathways for individuals with limited mobility, ensuring comfort and safety in any home or building.

Goods Lifts

Streamline logistics in commercial and industrial settings with our durable and efficient goods lift solutions, optimising workflow and productivity.

Lift Installation & Maintenance

From installation to maintenance, our dedicated team ensures the reliability and longevity of your lift systems, keeping them operating.

We Supply, Install & Maintain Industry Leading Brands

Lift Installation & Maintenance,
How we do it:

No matter what type of facility, we ensure that the installation process is seamless, quick, and meets all safety standards. Our trained technicians are equipped with years of experience, ensuring your lifts are installed correctly, function smoothly, and last for years to come.

Step 1

Client Brief

We will meet with you and discuss your needs, wants and issues to produce a client brief to be agreed prior to generating a system design.
Step 2

Systems Design

GBE will design a lift system according to the space available in your building.
Step 3

Lift Installation

Once the design is complete and a budget agreed, GBE can procure and install the requested lift systems.
Step 4


When the lift has been installed, the team performs rigorous testing to ensure it has is ready for use.
Step 5

Final Checks

The team performs final checks to ensure full safety of the lift system.
Step 6


We will provide user training in how to use the lift system and what to do in case of a problem.
Step 7

Review and Support

GBE’s team will provide ongoing client support of all lift systems.
Step 8

Ongoing Maintenance

GBE’s team will deliver ongoing maintenance for lift systems.

Make difference with GBE Group.

GBE Group: Your Lift Partner

All our work is guaranteed to be of the highest quality of workmanship and managed in accordance with our Quality Management System. Our comprehensive range of products ensures that we are able to offer the right lift for the proposed environment at a very competitive price.

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Ready to embark on your Lift journey?

Contact us today to explore how our innovative lift solutions can transform your home, office or workspace.