Commercial Disability Lifts

If your commercial space requires lifts for disability access, GBE Group have the experience and expertise to deliver on your needs.

When it comes to a Commercial Disability lift go no further than GB Lifts, Hoist and Cranes. With 15 years of experience servicing and installing lifts such as the Mariner 16 we are sure to deliver a lift that suits your needs allowing for comfortable and safe access for all patrons.

Commercial Disability Lift:

The Mariner 16 can provided multi level disabled access to a commercial premises. With a maximum travel distance of up to 7.5 metres, the mariner 16 is perfect for factories, schools, churches, organizations and government buildings.

Supplied with a variety of safety features, the Mariner offers peace of mind with its in-car emergency telephone, light ray door sensor, emergency battery backup lowering system and lighting. Should the lift ever have to be lowered the Mariner also has a easy to use lowering valve.

Offering an alternative to costly expenses associated with providing load bearing walls, large slab footings and a machine room, the Mariner 16 comes complete with it’s own light-weight self supporting lift shaft, landing doors and machine cabinet. As a result, installation is a breeze requiring only days to install your custom built lift.