Platform lift

If it’s getting difficult for you or a loved one to manoeuvre steps, stairs or changes in levels in the home, a platform lift may be the right solution.

You can ensure that these residential lifts are safe, easy to operate and offer a cost-effective solution to accessibility in the home.The Vestner platform lift provides an alternative to a costly move or major changes to living arrangements.

• Compact design for both indoor and outdoor settings.

• Range of models suitable for rises up to 4m.

• Limited site preparation – easy installation.

For problem areas with limited space, the passenger can be placed on the lift before being moved into position. Even with a load, manoeuvring is almost eff ortless and the wheels automatically retract when the platform is raised, maximising the lift’s stability.
The Mobilift CX can also be transported easily between venues by a single operator, even outdoors!

Safety and Compliance
Designed to overcome accessibility barriers with client’s needs and safety foremost, the Pandect lift series meet compliance requirements and New Zealand disability codes and recommendations.
Lifts have been certified for Access Equipment Safety and Structural Engineering Compliance by independent certifiers and are compliant with the relevant Building Codes. Lifts have been issued with a Certificate of Plant Design Registration by WorkCover NSW Government

GBE Group can provide lift maintenance services to your residential Vestner platform lift to ensure that it continues to safely and  efficiently.

The Vestner’s series of lifts, designed and manufactured in NZ, are currently the ONLY lifts worldwide that fully meet all the compliance requirements of both Australian and New Zealand Standards.

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