Disabled Platform Stairlift

The V65 will allow you to travel safely and comfortably through your commercial or residential space.

The V65 Wheelchair Stair Lift with curved rail is available in three models:

  • Standard – with reduced platform dimensions (mm 830 * 770) for installation on constrained stairs and landings;
  • Large – with a wider platform (mm 1050 * 770) for wheelchairs with specific space requirements;
  • Extra large – with an over sized platform (mm 1250 * 800) to meet all movement needs.

The V65, equipped with the latest technology with is easy to use radio controls, along with retractable safety bars to save space when parked and state of the art active and passive protection devices.

V65 is the curved inclined platform stairlift. It is able to manage both constant or variable stair and slope gradients. It easily adapts to the incline variation of a landing or flight of stairs.

Thanks to the combination of a power supply and rechargeable battery technology, the V65 guarantees smooth and quite operation whilst minimising power usage.

Standard features

• Controls protected against unintentional use, constant pressure operated
• Removable key
• Emergency stop
• Manual emergency manoeuvre
• Progressively operated mechanical safety gear
• Speed limiter
• Automatic safety edges
• Supporting handle
• Electric safety limit switches
• Shock-absorbing, anti-shearing, anti-crushing devices
• Blackout emergency battery back up
• Audio & visual overload alarm

With the cutting edge durability of the V65 users can rest assured on a smooth ride in both a residential and public setting.
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