External Residential Lift

GBE Group can install and maintain an External Residential Lift which suits many applications. This lift is specifically designed for everyday Australians. It is custom built to an individuals needs and is available in a number of colours.

The Gemini Lift is a perfect solution to remain in your two story home, due to limited mobility or a disability.

The Gemini is a fully automated external lift specifically designed for everyday Australians with mobility issues. Perfect against patios or verandas this custom built lift will met can meet the requirements of each individuals needs.

The Gemini is supplied as a finished product, complete with it’s own self supporting enclosed lift tower. The great thing about the Gemini lift being custom built here in Australia is that it can be altered in size and layout to suit each clients needs.

The lift has the capacity to carry 250kg to a maximum height of 3.5m, making it reliable in performance whilst being easy to operate. It is capable of lifting a 90kg load up to 0/83m/sec. A reliable and simple to operate lift will ensure that you feel safe, secure and most importantly feel at home.

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