Residential Limited Space Lift

The Phoenix lift is the perfect residential lift for limited space. This lift offers versatility in size, speed and design for multi-level properties. Custom built in Australia as a free standing unit.

The Phoenix lift provides flexibility in speed, weight capacity, size and finishes as well as being supplied as a complete free standing unit with its own self supporting tower, doors, hydraulics and pump.

Our Residential Space lifts such as the Phoenix lift are powered by an advanced chain over oil hydraulic drive system that not only pushes the boundaries of residential lifts with maximum travel distance being 7.5 metres, but also dramatically reduces put and overhead lift height requirement.

With the Phoenix lift being a breeze to install it eliminates the possibility of blowing your budget as it requires no load bearing walls – now that’s value.

With the lifting capacity of 350kg (two people including a wheelchair) it is able to carry you at a speed of 0.185 m/sec or 0.292 m/sec if the enhanced option is chosen.

This system comes with a variety of safety features to allow you to feel secure with each use. Some of these features include:

  • Stainless steel handrails
  • Non-slip floor covering indoor/outdoor carpet
  • Emergency stop button in the lift car
  • Emergency telephone
  • Back up battery power for lighting & lowering of the car

Talk to our technicians today about acquiring your own residential space lift.